Knowing the Intricacies of Search Engine Optimization

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Internet has enhanced the scope of doing business. While previously it was not possible for most business enterprises to reach out to a global customer base, internet has sufficed to the need. As a result, in the past decade or two, numerous businesses have started creating an online identity for themselves. One can look for online information on the sales and purchase of all sorts of commodities these days. The online business industry is flourishing like never before. It has thus become easier for the users as well, since they can make their purchases sitting in the comfort of their homes itself.


Drawbacks of Online marketing

However, this method of doing business has a drawback as well. Thousands of websites dealing with the selling of the same kind of services or businesses are functioning at the same time. As a result, when the user makes an online search about a particular product or service, numerous results will be shown by the search engine. However, only a few of them (ten results by default) appear on the first page, of which the user would generally check only the top five. As a result, the rest of the sites earn no ROI and have high chances to go into oblivion.

Search Engine Optimization

The only way to ensure the growth of a website is by increasing its SERP rank. This is where Search Engine Optimization comes to play its role. SEO can be briefly explained as a set of techniques and strategies, which are employed to help a website climb up the rank ladder of the SERPs. There are a variety of strategies, all part of a wide SEO campaign. In a broader basis, SEO techniques can be classified as the On-Page Optimization techniques and the Off-Page Optimization techniques.

The tricky game of SEO

Algorithm Updates

The search engine optimizers have been places under serious threats from the Google algorithm updates from time to time. Google keeps on updating its algorithms now and then in order to make sure that only quality and informative websites get to occupy the first few ranks. As a result the task of the optimizers become difficult with every algorithm updates. The latest updates from Google are called the Panda and the Penguin updates.

Climbing up the SERP ladder

Black Hat vs. White hat Techniques

With the restrictions imposed by these updates, the usage of Black hat SEO techniques have been abolished to quite an extent. Black Hat techniques refer to illegitimate strategies that were used by optimizers with an aim of optimizing a particular site in as less a time as possible. However, that is not the best approach, since after a few days Google would reduce the use of Black Hat techniques and penalize the site.

The only form of SEO that is acceptable is White Hat SEO techniques. These are techniques that have been approved by Google. Some of the more popular forms of White Hat SEO techniques are Article Directory Submission, Guest Blog Posting, and Social Media Marketing etc. The correct implementation of these strategies would help a website rank good in an SERP and finally earn maximum ROI.

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