Social Bookmarking: Pinterest Does Its Spring Cleaning

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PinterestThe look and feel of a website is often the key to its success, and social network Pinterest has become an internet sensation with its innovative design and easy to use format.  The attractive newsfeed with its neatly arranged pictures has made it easier than ever to browse content and share our interests with friends, and its unique design is often copied by other websites.  Pinterest recently announced that they will soon be launching a new site design, and that users who have already been testing the new design over the past three months have given it positive reviews.  Thankfully the new design features only a few slight tweaks, and will make exploring the site and discovering new material easy than ever.  Fans of Pinterest will still be able to enjoy its standard grid layout, and the developers have addressed a few bugs that existed in the old design.

The first change that users will notice is located within the newsfeed.  Pictures are now displayed much larger than before, and the overall effect is a cleaner, more elegant design.  Instead of having to choose search categories from a drop down menu at the top of the page, users will now see a fixed menu on the left hand side of the page which will list all the categories available.  This will make it much easier to explore different types of content, and will encourage users to view different categories.  To get the full benefit of Pinterest and allow fast browsing, it is advisable to have a high speed internet connection, and users can ensure they have the right service by comparing internet providers online at sites such as  The real improvement in Pinterest’s design is the way each pin has now been linked to related content, and the browsing experience has been streamlined to effectively link different subjects together.

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When users click on a pin they will now view a larger image, and three different ways to discover related content.  On the right hand side of the page larger thumbnails will now display all the pins from the same board, and users can browse the entire board without leaving the current page.  There is also a section that displays all the pins that originated from the same website, so users can explore every type of content related to the photo they are viewing.  There will also feature a section entitled ‘people who pinned this also pinned’, and this will display the most popular related content.  All of these new features will make it easier than ever to search deep within the site for content, and even first time users of the site can find interesting items quickly.

One gripe that many Pinterest users had with the old design is that after viewing an item and pressing the back button on their browser, it would then take them back to the top of the newsfeed.  This was frustrating for those that had been scrolling for a long period of time, and had to scroll again to find their place.  Designers have addressed this issue and clicking the back button will now always take users back to the same place they previously were.  The new design has made Pinterest even easier to navigate, and the new features have been added without detracting from the beauty of the original design.  Users can now discover new content in a number of ways, and this will only help to increase Pinterest’s loyal fan base of 48 million users.

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