Best Tips on How to Make Your Laptop Run More Efficiently

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It is not more frustrating to see your laptop freezing up in middle, or just locking up especially when your boss is waiting for the some reports. Your laptop won’t budge and refuse to boost up the speed. Laptops are absolute darlings whether it is for entertainment or pleasure purpose.  If your laptop has stopped performing like how it did before then it is high time you are not getting the signals of routine clean up and maintenance.

Below mentioned are 10 simple ways to make your laptop run more efficiently.

Give Some Space- Free Up the Disk

Cleaning up the disk space helps a lot in boosting up the speed. Free up the space on the hard disk by:

  • Deleting all those programs that you are no more using it
  • Removing temporary Internet files
  • Emptying the recycle bin
  • Removing Windows temporary error reports
  • Deleting the downloaded program files like Java Applets, Microsoft Active X controls etc.
  • Deleting the apps not using

Usually, the temporary files use most of your laptop space and because of the same reason the browser catches every page you visit.

Unclutter the Hard Disk

Your hard disk is not some kind of dump that you keep on piling up things. Try removing that stuff that you are no more using. Better burn CDs for your pictures, music, movies etc. Piling up things after things can cause problems to the processing abilities.

Defragment Your Laptop

It is important and good to defragment your laptop on the routine basis. What this defragmenting process does is takes up all the scattered data and re-organizes in a neat fashion into the space where they can be quickly accessed.

Upgrading the RAM

If your work requirement is to run larger scale programs and all open at once, then your laptop RAM may be insufficient hence, the laptop doesn’t run efficiently. Look to purchase a new RAM as these days a laptop can be easily upgraded.

Installing Anti-Virus

The fewer the viruses, bugs and adware the better performance you get from your laptop. Installing a good antivirus will to some extent avoids hampering the efficiency of your laptop.

If you are able to follow these above mentioned simple ways you probably will get an extra 2-3 years of life from the laptop.

Author bio: Daniel Zica is a tech enthusiast who loves browsing internet and using laptop. He also provides the useful tips on using the laptop more efficiently and fast on his blog about technology. In case if you are in need of computer repair services, he recommends using computer repair Fort Lauderdale services which are affordable and high quality.