Essential Webmaster Tools brought to you by Google

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As an online entrepreneur, you can find a great friend in Webmaster Tools by Google. As opposed to this, the misuse or ignorance in the use of these tools can lead to serious SEO related problems for your company.  If you still have not started using “Google Webmaster Tools”, you are losing out on a lot. Following paragraphs will help you to understand basics in Webmaster Tools offered by Google for developing your website and increase its visibility and Page Ranks. Also, remember that not all the tools are completely beneficial for your use; some might even be detrimental to your website. The following writing does not give details of the Webmaster Tool. It is simply an overview of a few highly prioritized tools which is essential for knowledge base.


The Googlebot Tool helps to Keep Track on the Crawl Rate

Spam and Other Warnings:

When you are developing a site, you must keep constant track of the emails that are sent by Google to the Webmaster Tools for any issue related to the website. Never ignore messages sent from Webmaster Tools as they might contain important notifications like one on “unnatural link”. Such notifications may cause disturbance or may be insignificant, depending on the “mood” of Google. However, you must not let go of issues that are sent via email to you. This point can be treated as a high or medium priority one.

Setting URL Parameters:

The settings of Webmaster Tools is designed in such a way that you can set the parameters of URL requesting Google to crawl into certain sites while staying away from other URLs. This tool assumes great importance with the ability to allow the index to remove a major portion of the website of your company if you happen to make a slight error. It is highly recommended that you take help from 301, rel=canonical, robots.txt or no index/no follow, when you face problems that arise due to alleviation caused by this tool. For proper utilization of this tool, make sure that it is set up correctly. You also need to ensure that whoever is made responsible for the tool has inside-out information of the website and URL structure. This tool is highly prioritized. Provided the tool is used by the right person and the URL structure of the site is pretty clean, this tool can work wonders for your website.

 The “Fetch as Google” Tool:

This tool functions lets your website function as “Google”, allowing the retrieval of any page from your website. The tool will help you to detect the accessibility of a web page. Sites grow over time and there are times when you need to search certain important pages that will maintain your visibility on Google. This tool comes of use during these times. It gives answer to your query whether Google can find your site or not. For various mobile optimization options, “Googlebot-Mobile” option of this tool can be utilized.

The Malware Option:

It is another highly prioritized notification provided by Google. There are times when unknown sources infuse certain codes in your website’s comment area or forum, making it an issue. Google acts upon this and declares your site as containing “malware”. So, the next time a visitor tries to view your site, he/she is warned that your site is unsafe for viewing purpose. hence, you should keep an eye for malware report all the time.


The above writing mostly touches the crucial tools of Google Webmaster but this will help to give a head-start to the requirement of site building. Keeping good knowledge and information on the latest developments in these tools will help you to enhance your site’s quality.

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Description: For building proper website for your company, you need to take refuge in Webmaster tools. Some of the highly prioritized tools are discussed in the writing.