Top 7 Strategies That Every SEO Expert Should Implement In 2013

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seo using linksIf you have a website, you must be aware of various advancements that have taken place recently in SEO industry. Your website will almost disappear from the result pages of search engine if you do not follow the recent trends. Therefore, it is very essential that an SEO professional should have knowledge about every variation taking place in SEO systems.

Due to major transition in Google algorithms including Panda and Penguin update, 2012 was considered a rough year for search engine optimization experts. While inbound links and content quality continues to play important roles in the organic rankings, let us have a look at other techniques and strategies which will dominate SEO landscape in the year 2013.

  1. Quality content: Quality content is what Google has expected from websites. It has been explicit about good quality content last year and it is expected that this trend will also continue this year. Quality content implies two things – uniqueness of content topic and informative and valuable content. So it is a strict no-no for thin content.
  2. Content Marketing:  Experts refer to it as new SEO; it is an essential change that is going to take place.  Content marketing involves creation of content for attracting backlinks and adding value for users. This is quite challenging as it involves the creation of more high quality content and an SEO expert should make sure that the content gets published in networks that can generate enough SEO value. Google gives value to unique content so a good content marketing strategy will be essential to climb to next level in search engine optimisation.
  3. Social Signals: After a lot of discussions and debates, social signals have been accepted as a valid ranking factor. In this year as well as in the years to come, the popularity of social signals will grow. Every SEO expert will concentrate in sharing, tweets and re-tweets to make their popular among the target audiences.
  4. Author Rank: Most expehrts consider Author rank as a vital metric to decide SERPs although research is still ongoing. But one thing that you can very sure of is Author rank will add value and credibility to your site. It is one of the primary strategies that every webmaster should follow in the year 2013.
  5. Mobile/responsive design: This does not influence the page rankings directly, but it will definitely play an important role in deciding your fortune. Google became aware of this particular trend sue to growing presence of smartphones and tablets. Though responsive design is not a very explicit SEO factor but it is going to be an influential element in 2013 in terms of usability.
  6. Media: Images and videos are popular method of reaching your target audience. We have witnessed consistently that results which includes videos get ranked higher than content that only has text. Media content will be the trend for this year. It is becoming necessary to add non-textual media to the text content as it adds value to the content and makes it more resourceful.
  7. Localisation: It is assumed that this year is going to witness Google’s increasing preference for information and local websites. Websites applying local SEO is expected to enjoy higher visibility and rankings. This includes listings, map data, reviews on the local information sites and citations.

These are the SEO trends that are expected to rule the search engine optimisation industry this year. Apart from this, an SEO expert should keep him/her updated with the latest techniques for better optimisation of sites.

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