Why CEOs Need a Personal Blog

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Most online companies have a corporate blog. This blog is used by the company to disseminate information and let interested netizens know about the company’s future plans and updates. Despite having a corporate blog that is regularly updated, many CEOs prefer to have a personal blog as well. Some question the need for this personal blog because it is expected that the point of view of the company will be the same as that of the CEO. Moreover, CEOs have enough on their plate as it is, so why take the pain of writing a blog? Here are some answers that will interest you!

A Personal, Individualistic Voice

You read about the views of the company in the corporate blog. But what goes on in the mind of the CEO? How does the SEO see things and the changes around in the company? That is what a CEO’s blog is all about! It gives an insight into the mind of the CEO, something that is not evident in boardroom meetings and one-on-one cubicle talks. You want to know what the CEO thinks about particular departments of the company and how he/she envisages the future of the company. You cannot get such personal, individualistic thoughts and expressions in the corporate blog. A liberal-minded CEO can also choose to talk about his/her personal life in the blog. That makes for a very interesting read on the part of people concerned with the company, along with the employees.

Transparency about Company Policies

The CEO is known to have a big say in the formulation of the company’s policies. But as an employee or just a customer, you want to know the reasoning or thought process that formulated a particular policy. You can get such transparent information from the CEO’s blog. You can read about what was on the mind of the decision makers and the challenges they faced in drawing up the policy you are reading about. Such transparent sneak peeks into the inside working of a company makes the CEO’s blog very popular among employees and customers. When you know the logic and logistics behind a policy, it tells you that you are dealing with an honest organization. That does a world of good to the online reputation of the company.

An Inspirational Document

For many, the CEO’s position is very inspirational and something to admire. People inside the company and the common consumer outside would give an arm to know what the life of a CEO is from close quarters. The CEO’s blog can do that. You might ask why a CEO needs to bare his/her private life for the consumption of others. He/she need not! All the CEO can write is about the success story and the mechanics behind the running of the company. That is a document that will inspire brand loyalty because people will identify with the person on the top of the peak. The CEO will find it easy to get people to believe in the company by maintaining an inspirational document in the blog.

Thoughts about Modern Trends

Another reason why the CEO should maintain a blog is to express their views about modern trends and how they intend to use it in the near future. After all, CEOs have to head the way forward and people are keen to know what they plan to do with social media networks and other online tools. They can also tear apart a modern trend that they don’t like!

Author’s Bio: Jason Phelps is a writer and blogs about online reputation repair.