25 Apps for Dropbox for handling ease

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Dropbox is a free and paid cloud storage service that allows access and sync file across all devices. The dropbox offers 2GB storage for free users and it can be used easily from Linux, blackberry, windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android based devices. There are so many exciting third party applications available for you to supercharge the online storage experience and functionality. The third party applications are very useful and I can be used to organize files and to send files. Some applications allow forms and documents writing, website creation and many more things. Most of these applications are free of cost. Here is the list of 25 Apps for Dropbox that will help you to find best for your desires.

  • Dropbox Automator - Platform: All Platforms – It is a free application that has a drag and drop feature for uploading in predefined folders on dropbox. It can convert and sync files to your favorite place automatically. For example; Evernote, Facebook, Flickr, and other web services.
  • Mover – Platform: Android – It allows you to move files or other data between online services and it will be as easy as you wish! For example you can move files from dropbox to Google Drive to Box to SkyDrive and more. You can backup your files or website without any worry about data transferring.
  • Dropbox Folder Sync - Platform: All Platforms – It is simple yet smart application which allows you to sync the folders outside dropbox folders and it is easy to use application with many more exciting features.
  • Scriptogr.am - Platform: All Platforms – It is web blog generating tool that will be handled by reading markdown file stored in your dropbox folder. Writers have a freedom to write their preferred application editor and then it can be published easily from the Scriptogr.am dashboard.
  • MacDropAny  - Platform: Mac – It is a simple application that allows you to sync any folder on your Mac device with Dropbox, Box.com, Google Drive, iClouDrive, or Microsoft SkyDrive and other online storage services.
  • DROPitTOme - Platform: All Platforms – It allows you to receive files from anyone to your dropbox account. It is secure to use and it set up a unique password protected upload address to maintain your privacy. The email notification is sent when the file is uploaded to your dropbox account and it gives full control of handling and you can turn off or turn on the uploading feature anytime.
  • Site44  - Platform: Windows /Linux – It is a special application that turns your dropbox folders into a website. You just need to remodel the website and site44 will create necessary folders in your dropbox account. You have full freedom to modify the contents of your account, folders and your changes would be applied immediately without any delay.
  • JotForm – Platform: Windows /Linux – It is a free service for building online forums. JotForm allows 100 submissions per month for free accounts. It is quick and wasy to upload files from fropbox to JotForm.
  • Dropboxifier – Platform: All Platforms – It is a unique simplified service that allows you to add folders to dropbox and creates a symbolic links to share saved application data between computers.
  • DropVox – Platform: Mac – Application supports iPhone and Ipad. This application can record the audio and then you can send them directly to the dropbox account. This process is easy and it can be used to capture your spoken things, reminders and more. The price of this application is $1.99.
  • DropboxPortableAHK – Platform: Mac – It is amazing application for dropbox as it makes the dropbox account fully portable. You need not to install the application on every computer. Just copy the portable application folder and run it freely. You can maintain multiple accounts on single computer.
  • DropLink – Platform: Mac – It is a simple Mac application that allows you to sync any kind of file or folder on your Mac system with dropbox.
  • Gimme Bar  - Platform: All Platforms – It is a cloud storage application that allows you to store items in your personal libraries. You can organize your contents according to your need. This application allows you to make your collections visible to public and share it with your friends, clients or other peoples.
  • IFTTT (If This Than That) - Platform: All Platforms – It allows you to create connections. You can organize and manage so many things at one place. For example auto save all the new facebook photos into your dropbox folder.
  • BoxCryptor  - Platform: All Platforms – This application is to secure you cloud storage data. It can be used with so many cloud storage services. For example, Dropbox, SugarSync, Microsoft SkyDrive, Google Drive, or other cloud storage service providers.
  • KISSr – Platform: Mac – It is a simplified and well maintained web hosting service that is especially for your dropbox account. With the help of this application, you can manage whole website from dropbox folder. KISSr can access the files that are in the folder of your dropbox account. This service gives a free sub domain for their users; For example; yourname.KISSr.co.
  • Otixo – Platform: All Platforms – It allows you to manage all your cloud storage accounts with one Otixo logins. It can be connected to the cloud storage services like Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive, Google Docs, SugarSync, Picasa, CX, Amazon S3, FTP sites and WebDAV drives. This application will help you keep all our account managed and you can buy it in $4.99/month.
  • sideCLOUDload  – Platform: All Platforms –Application has amazing feature of sending files directly from the URL to your dropbox account. You need not to download the file on your computer or any other device. This application has 25MB limit for URL uploading.
  • Send to Dropbox – Platform: All Platforms – This service can store your files directly thru the emails. All you need to do is to connect with the dropbox and you will get a unique email address which will be used for sending files for dropbox storage. You need not to arrange the attachments from emails to folders because it will be managed automatically and you will see the attachment files in specified folder.
  • SortMyBox  – Platform: All Platforms – It’s a cloud storage account sorting application which will automatically sort the newly saved files. All you would need to do is to define the rules of sorting by categories or folders. This is a best filtering application for your dropbox account.
  • Writebox  – Platform: All Platforms – It’s a simple application for dropbox. It allows writing or editing text on dropbox. Just write and save the file then you would be able to share your writing on computers and devices.
  • AirDropper – Platform: All Platforms – It’s a file sharing application but its automated delivery system makes it more impressive and makes it different. While exchanging files via AirDropper, your logo and branding will appear to the recipient. File can be transferred into groups and packages. It is easy to use and business friendly application. You can buy it in $9 per month.
  • Dropboxifier  – Platform: All Platforms – Application allows you to read or write the data directly to the dropbox. You can connect multiple computers reading same data or writing and editing same file at same time.
  • Dropbox Encore  – Platform: All Platforms – It enables a second instance of dropbox to single user account. It is useful for keeping privacy between home and work accounts.
  • URL Droplet   – Platform: All Platforms – It has a feature that allows you to transfer the file directly from the host to your dropbox account. You just need to define the links and then you would be able to save web based data.

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