3 Great Websites Favourable for Online Ads

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All over the world, International Communications Union estimated that 39% of the world population or around 2.769 million individuals use the internet today. In developed countries, 77% of the population are surfing the internet. Generally, there is a very large portion of people who connected to the worldwide web. The statistics shows so many profit potentials when businesses utilize online advertisement.

Advertising online allows massive exposure at a lesser cost. Compared to paying TV airing by the second, sponsoring a website or posting ads on social media sites is far less expensive. In addition to that, the website and its product and/or services get noticed not only by local viewers but also by potential clients abroad.

With the improved shipment and courier services nowadays, many people worldwide are buying products online overseas. Imagine the prospects of trading nationally and internationally when you place an online advertisement. However, it is not enough to post on just any website. The number of visitors and the site’s reputation must be taken into careful consideration.

Here are some of the web places where putting online advertisement will truly be not a waste (not in particular order):


1.      YouTube

Not everyone creates a social media account. Yet majority of internet users enjoy watching random video clips and movies in YouTube. This is why advertising there allows a trader to reach millions of people at any age and gender.

Creating an account is free in YouTube. One can post a video of the advertisement or emphasize what one wants to say about the product or service buy writing them in the video description.

There is another way which is the paid method. The seller pays a “space” in YouTube where people can see it however they navigate on the site. Or some ads are played before the actual video clip. There is a “skip ad” button yet the viewer will have already seen portions of the advertisement and therefore it is still exposure.


2.      Facebook

1.11 billion People around the world connect with each other through Facebook. They share thoughts through status post and personal message through this site. They update each other with photos and videos. And there even is the Facebook Page which caters businesses and public figures.

Just like other websites, when advertising with pay, a “space” to spread the ad, usually an image with title and description with a link, is provided for the advertising client.


3.      Twitter

With 500 million users, 200 million of which are regular users, placing an online advertisement in Twitter can be one of the wisest online marketing strategies one can ever use. Many people go gaga with making a Twitter account especially that many celebrities have one and communicate directly with anyone who comments, follows, or follows back.

Twitter Ad is the online advertisement available in the site which basically offers the same advertising option as with other websites.

The three websites has one thing in common: they all belong to the 15 most popular websites as of August 2013 according to a certain website called ebizmba.com. Monthly site visits for each site ranges from 450,000 to 700,000 visitors. All of these people are prospect customers if they see the online advertisement.

Many companies today place online advertisements aside from their print, TV and radio ads to ensure they maintain their customers and urge more to try their products and services. Others rely entirely on online advertising and concentrate their budget on it. Although basically this method does not reach people unless they surf the internet, the 2.769 million people who actively engage in it are more than enough audience to market to.

Author Bio: Bobby is an active researcher of online marketing at http://www.ltdbg.com/. He will soon become an MBA degree holder.