Perplexed with the Google Ranking Factors?

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Is your business using the search engine optimization technology to overcome the various marketing concerns and bring a change in your sales and number of clients? In other words, is your website search engine optimized? Well, in today’s world where every business goes through a tough competition, your business ought to the SEO optimized. However, there are varied ways adapted by the webmasters and SEO experts in the forms of black hat SEO and white hat SEO like the on-page and off page optimizations to bring the necessary change in the ranking of your website. Often there have been a multitude of speculations and arguments as to what are the best ways to optimize a website and obtain the top position on the search engine results page of Google. Though the speculations are many, there have also been a series of tests and studies conducted that have revealed the most high ranked factors which can be taken as a strong advice to optimize websites.

top-search-engine-ranking-factors has conducted a series of study on the basis of variable factors and data in order to obtain the list of Google ranking factors that will help a website the most. By the following list, it is very clear that the “exact match domain” system of on-page search engine optimization technique has topped the list, one being the highest in the list.

  1. Exact match Domain
  2. Keyword Anchor text Links from Domains to Page
  3. Keyword Anchor text Links from Domains
  4. Page Authority
  5. Page Google +1s
  6. Linking Domains to page
  7. Linking sub Domains to Page
  8. No text anchor text links from domains to page
  9. External links to page

10. No text anchor text links to page

The study clearly reveals that the on-page optimization techniques have a greater influence in the correlation of Google rankings when compared to the off page optimization techniques. By this, it is quite evident that the websites that have been optimized using black hat search engine optimization techniques need to make a comprehensive change in their marketing strategies in order to regain the top ranking positions again.

You might wonder as to how we can entirely depend on the results obtained by netmark.comHowever, there are two major reasons that can easily validate and correlate the efficiency of the study. One is the use of a completely different methodology and the fallen correlation coefficient for EMD. The variables for the study comprised of two types of data – the ordinal and dichotomous. Typical studies include the statistics that use the Spearman rho in order to evaluate the correlation efficient between the rankings and ordinal value. However, for the dichotomous variable form of data, the statisticians used the high end method of rank-biserial where ordinal or rankings is one and dichotomous is the second one. used the study of spearman rho, more so with the ordinal variable form of data in order to obtain the results of the study. That’s where the difference arises between the study carried out by and others.