CRM for Small Companies

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crmThe CRM programs can be complex solutions, but also simple programs that are only used for secondary activities. A small company needs to implement a Customer Service Management program gradually, giving time to the employees to adapt to the new tendencies, and to understand the program. For small and medium enterprises, the flux of documents can be managed with this program, especially if the developing company is able to create a useful and effective interface.

A CRM program can help you with the next tasks:

-         Efficient managing of contracts, classification and management of documents. This is made by classifying the clients considering their position towards the company: clients, providers, business partners or any other category, considering the specific of the firm.

-         Creating personalized offers for clients, based on the history of the relationship with the client, and grouped on periods and clients

-         Managing the stocks in real time in the most efficient way. The program makes to work easier and more pleasant. With those functionalities, you can determine the quantity of certain products in stocks, and you can find out important details about the respective product.

-         Generating reports will allow you to have information and statistics about contracts and offers, bills and reports

-         Organizing and indexing the documents is easy, especially because different access levels are possible. you can determine if the workflow is effective and if they respect the established flow

-         Generating reminders about the activity. You will never forget about an important presentation, or about a business meeting established one month ago

-         Monitoring the activity of employees. this way, you will have a complete image of the company, and you can improve the activity of your company

Using such programs, you will reduce the internal costs, eliminating the errors generated by incorrect manipulation of documents. The sales module of a CRM will allow you to follow the activity of the sales officers, without consuming time:

-         It is possible to monitor the sales objective for any sales officer, and of the entire team. the managers have complete information about the performances of each member if the team, and they can also check the percentages in the charts

-         the information is logically structured in categories, each one with a specific area of activity: contractors, subcontractors, providers, client, contact persons, offers and contracts

-         The individual reminders can offer follow up for the activity of the sales agent, and it is a way to ensure that important details are not forgotten. this way, you can send offers, you can attach documents, and the possibility to create faulty contracts is reduced

-         It is possible to create different levels of access, considering the policy of the company and the responsibility that must be given to every user. This way, every agent and manager will only have access to the modules that he needs, so the privacy of the company is protected.

A small business CRM program allows easy and flexible management for any business, and to create a good working environment. The client and the company are always connected, so they can exchange important information between them. This way, a real optimization of costs is achieved, and the sales team is able to understand and anticipate the needs of every client.

Support for maintaining and changing the application is required, and this can be offered in two different ways. For the companies that have an IT department, it is possible to manage the application internally, but for small and medium companies that usually don’t have this type of system; the support can be ensured through outsourcing. Of course, the company that implemented the system is mostly suited for managing the respective programs.