Top 25 Excellent Android Apps of 2013

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androidThere are almost a million android apps available at Google store.  And in order to determine which ones offer a paramount feature and service, then, there’s only one way to find out—you have to try each one of them!  That’s a lot!  This article will show you the top 25 finest android apps that you must download.

The Top 25 Best Android Apps

The top 25 android apps below are in no particular order:

  1. Instagram – one of the most famous social media channel.  A great way to market your business online.
  2. Pencil Camera – the images you have taken with your camera can be transformed into a drawing.  This cool app will definitely reveal the artist in you.
  3. Line Camera – an app that can allow you to add personalized touches and stencils to your picture before you can share them to your friends.
  4. Rac Traffic – an android app that will alert you of the traffic situation in your area.
  5. Evernote – this app is specifically beneficial to businesses.  It keeps intact all voice memos and files of your company.
  6. Trulia-Real Estate & Homes – will allow you to find the perfect house to buy or the ideal apartment to rent.
  7. Sleep as Android – this android app will tell you how long you have been sleeping—both deep and light.  This also has an alarm that will wake you up when you are not in a deep sleep.
  8. Ancestry – will help you locate your distant family members worldwide.
  9. Pocket – this is useful for people who want to collect articles they found on the web.  They can store the articles inside this app.
  10. Tango – a great substitute to Skype.  This app also allows video and audio calling on top of its’ messaging option.
  11. Pinterest – one of the hottest social networking sites.  In this app, you can pin all things that interest you and share them to the public.
  12. SwiftKey 3 – an android app that contains the most predictive keyboard you can ever have.
  13. JuiceDefender Ultimate – improves the battery life of your phone.
  14. Business Calendarl – a very convenient calendar where you can drag and drop all your appointments and switch to different views that will suit your taste and need.
  15. Splashtop Remote Desktop HD – allows you to access any of your computer gadgets remotely.
  16. Google Sky Map – will allow your phone to detect the constellations and other planets on the sky so you can view them directly on your mobile.
  17. Layar – an android app wherein you can directly buy online products.  Moreover, it also contains other useful information such as travel guides and local house rates, and many others.
  18. Foursquare – an app that lets you check in to the places you have gone to so you can update your friends to your whereabouts.
  19. Winamp – an android app that supports iTunes, Mac syncing, and radio support.
  20. Flickr – an app that will let you upload all your pictures and share them with your friends online.  It also supports sharing with Twitter and Facebook.
  21. Google Maps Navigation – allows the user to stay on track the route he or she wants to go even if the GPS signal drops.  What’s super cool about this app is that it has a turn-by-turn voice navigation!
  22. Dropbox – an android app that allows you to store your downloaded files and syncing them to your other computer gadgets.
  23. Meebo IM – an instant messaging app that taps other social media sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Yahoo, MSN, AIM, and many others.
  24. OnLive – a streaming video gaming service that lets you play console titles on your phone or tablet.
  25. Yelp – be up to date with the latest reviews on various business establishments at the tip of your fingertips.


This article will help you narrow down the coolest apps that you can download on your mobile phones.  So what are you waiting for?  Download now!

Paula is a degree holder of Bachelor of Business Administration Major in Management and has written countless articles about interesting mobile apps products and services in the online industry.