Top 5 Essential Steps in Content Marketing

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Every people are writers of their own story however only a few of them are accepted on online business because of the page ranking criteria and tools that are used to make you excel among others. Internet is survival of the fittest and battles between the best of the best so if you are not good enough to compete with them, it is ideal to hire an online marketing expert. These experts are not just professional in marketing your business online but they also use content marketing strategies to make your online business informative and catch the attention of viewers. So there is no room for holding back and take time to read these top 5 essential steps for effective content marketing.

  • Begin with questions

This is the most basic part when marketing contents for your online business yet even grade school students are always ask with these questions since it is part of your English language. Get a piece of paper and write basic questions – who, what, when, where, why and how. By simply writing this, you may be able to determine what should be the possible content to market your online business regardless if your chosen niche is boring and somewhat complicated.

  • Research your topic, your audience and your network

Once you have written questions, it is now time to make researches on topics that are relevant to your online site. Make sure that these topics can completely fill in your basic 6 questions. When you choose your audience, make sure that these audiences can relate and understand your topic as well as the entire content of your online business. Also, choose network wherein you think you can maximize your market. Several social media are already actively involved in content marketing today.

  • Answer your question with lists, guides and stories

There are 3 kinds of content which succeed more often than others – lists, guides and stories. Lists type of content is very easy to skim through and you can understand easily because the essential topics are highlighted already using a list format. Guides are also appealing because it is motivational and it is like you are talking to your audience and convince them to work with your guide. Stories are also effective content since humans love storytelling such as from rags to riches stories, before and after results, etc. to create any of this content, you must cover its subject comprehensively, organized and always cite or go straight with facts.

  • Copy-editing tricks

There is no specific time when editing topics of your content. It is also ideal to leave it for a while then check it back later if you have something in mind which you think it may sound sensible to your preferred topic. Always make sure you created a catchy title as well as first sentence which can capture reader’s attention. You can also use active voice or speak directly to the reader with a verb. Always choose words that are very easy to understand by the readers since not all viewers are intelligent enough to understand complicated and rare English words. In short, just go natural and flourish your words a bit.

  • Promote your content

This is the most crucial part of content marketing which is promoting your content. If you have your own site, make sure your site is user-friendly. Choose web designs that are more pleasing to the eyes, you can attain this by hiring a web specialist. You can also include links on your content such posting your content to an interaction site. Readers always love to interact and post comments on your content. Just make sure you respond immediately with their reactions.

About the author:

Patrick is an author of SEO Journal and provides tips and simple guidelines for new online marketers.