EE Recycle joins forces with

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The mobile network operator Everything Everywhere (EE) has joined forces with the comparison site to offer eco-friendly customers a way to recycle and trade-in their old EE mobile phones as well as handsets from other networks. is a gadget recycling comparison site, where users can enter the details of an old or unwanted electronic device such as a smartphone and find out where they can get the best prices for recycling them. The comparison site has now added EE to its comparison list, which already consists of more than 40 UK gadget recycling schemes and websites. It has more than 100,000 prices on over 4,000 mobile and smartphone models, and also uses customer reviews to ranks recycling and trade-in services to give users all the information they need to choose the right website.


EE in turn has launched its very own trade-in service for gadgets, called the EE Recycle and Reward Scheme. The scheme enables customers to trade in their old smartphone and tablets, but the collaboration with means that prices will now be compared with all others on the online trade-in market. This gives users access to much better deals, so they can get more for their old handsets.


Commenting on the decision to team up with EE, the comparison service’s co-founder Ashley Turner said:


“Having household names like EE Recycle on the site helps raise phone recycling awareness and gives consumers more confidence from seeing big brands getting involved.”


Schemes which encourage customers to recycle old handsets and other electronic devices, and actively rewards them for doing so, are becoming increasingly important in the UK. New devices are launched all the time, prompting a rush of excited consumers to replace their old, perfectly functional models. Now that EE 4G and other network’s 4G services have launched, even more customers will have to replace their old models, as only certain newer handsets are compatible with the new, superfast mobile broadband network.