Industry secrets on converting your website visitors into sales

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Regardless of what your business does and which marketplace it exists within, having an online presence is essential these days, especially if you want your firm to grow into a globally recognised brand. That said; it’s not always easy to achieve this level of success, and so anyone wishing to take things this far will have to spend a lot of time working on the design of their website and identifying the most fruitful advertising avenues. Also, any advice you could get from someone who’s been there before would be useful too, right?

Luckily, over the last five years I’ve helped to build many businesses to this level through the use of an attractive website and some savvy marketing, so I’m probably the best candidate to hand you some tips that could make all the difference to your prosperity. The key is to learn how to convert all your website visitors into sales (or at least the vast majority of them), and hopefully I’m going to show you exactly how to do that over the next few paragraphs.

Of course, you could just employ the services of a reputable SEO agency for conversion optimisation, and many people find this to be the best solution. However, today I’m focusing on the DIY method. So, give me your full attention, and I’ll relay some tried and tested methods I consider to be essential.

Provide Product / Service Videos

Nothing helps to sell a product or service better than an explanatory video made to a professional standard. For whatever reason, some people seem uninterested in reading information straight from a webpage, and would much prefer having someone (or in this case a video) to explain everything to them in a way they can better understand. Just be careful and don’t oversimplify the dialogue; otherwise you risk patronising your potential customers.

Promote Products or Services That Have The Widest Appeal

Though you might sell lots of different products and services, ensuring the most popular ones are promoted on your homepage can make a huge difference to the amount of people willing to part with their cash. You have to remember there are millions of other websites out there, and most people have pretty short attention spans. This means you need to grab their interest instantly with a product or service you know they can’t resist. Once they’ve made an account with your website and purchased a few items, they’re much more likely to return and provide repeat custom.

Create A Mailing List & Promote Email Subscriptions

When people register for an account with your website, make sure you provide an option for them to subscribe to your mailing list, and make it so they have to opt out, rather than opt in. This way, you should be able to contact your client base or audience with little effort letting them know about any deals or offers you might be running over the next couple of weeks. This should hopefully encourage people to make a purchase when they do finally visit your website again, thus raising your visitor to sale ratio.

Right folks, you should now have a basic understanding of what you can do to help your business become more successful using only the client and customer base you’ve already established. Good luck with everything!