A Detailed Review of EaseUS Todo Backup

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In recent times, there’s an on-going race among various software makers to come up with the best backup software program. The competition is so high that we get to see a product launched every month. So, when software such as EaseUS Todo Backup comes front of us, most users are perplexed about its quality. The EaseUS Todo Backup is the best backup software with a user-friendly interface. This software features a fully integrated restore function. Some of the features of this software are mentioned below: 

best backup softwareUser-friendly Interface: Once you install this software, you will be welcomed by clearly its designed layout that includes main tabs and sub-tabs.

Full System Backup: The system configuration with this software is an easy affair. This backup tool allows to completely backup your system, which also includes your operating system, files, folders and a wide range of storage devices. This feature becomes extremely important during natural calamities or computer theft.

Disk Backup: Apart from full backup of system, this recovery software also lets you partition a disk. This action can be performed from the home page of the software. You have an option to perform partition sector by sector or complete partition. The entire data is compressed in the form of an image for minimizing the storage space for the entire backup.

Memory card recovery: This software is also efficient in recovering lost data from your memory card. The process is extremely simple and requires very less time.

Folder Backup Support: Often, people/users require backup of individual files and folders. This tool allows you to view and then select the number of files and folders of your choice that needs to be backed up. It has a unique ability to specify the files and folders based on their type such as music, picture, document, etc.

Easy Data Loss Recovery Options: You can easily restore the image backups created by this software in case of hard drive failure or any other disaster. The tool displays all the active backups, so you can instantly backup the files. The recovery software free download is available online and you can get it with some basic research.

Disk cloner: The disk cloning features allows the user to create a completely duplicate version of any hard disk. While you’re cloning the hard disk, your entire data gets replicated and transferred to the source of destination where you’re saving the clone. This is particularly helpful while you intend to shift from a smaller hard disk to a bigger one.

System Snapshots Support: The EaseUS Todo Backup software has an ability to create snapshots of the entire system and then store it at a safe location of the hard drive. The best aspect of snapshot is that it requires fairly less storage space as compared to complete backup.

Bottom Line:

The EasyUS ToDo is free backup software. It is recommended for small businesses and individuals who intend to safeguard their data during natural calamities and other man-made hazards. It’s a feasible recovery solution that can be availed by anyone. The recovery software free download is offered by quite a few websites, you can get it easily.

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