Top 7 Trending Web Development Technologies to Learn

Being a web developer in 2018 requires more than just the passion to build websites and applications and put it in the hands of people…

…it requires you to be quick to adapt and to learn new web development technologies as they come.

Business dynamics are constantly evolving and so are customer requirements and user needs.

This has seen the incubation of new web development technologies every other day while others disappear into the blues out of lack of use or need.

In this post today I will highlight some of the trending website development technologies to keep track of – or better said learn – in 2018.

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But before I dive right into my little checklist, you might be asking yourself…

Why should you really care about learning new web development technologies in 2018?

Who really cares?

The good ol’ internet still runs on HTML, right?

So what could it possibly become?

Here are four reasons why as a professional website developer in 2018 you should seek to learn the trending web development technologies.

i) To keep up with the job market

As I already mentioned previously, the business environment today is constantly changing and so are client and user needs.

This means that companies and software developers have to up their game and be able to deliver cutting edge solutions to their clients.

Companies will therefore hire web developers who are conversant and competent in the latest technologies that will pitch them ahead of their competition and drive greater client satisfaction.

So if you learn the latest web development technologies your skills will be in high demand… that is to say it’ll be easier for you to land a web developer job.

ii) To get a raise

Yes, who never wants a salary bump?

Apart from simply landing a new job, learning the latest web development technologies will make you more resourceful at your current job.

If your company was say, in need of upgrading one of your client’s web applications to a new technology, they would not need to hire or bring in a new developer.

Your ability to take on the new responsibilities and get the job done will potentially get you a salary raise just for your additional skills.

iii) To be able to develop more efficient applications

Why would we need to invent new web technologies?

Computers are becoming more powerful, processors faster, bigger and bigger memories…

…so we should just sit back and relax and watch our applications load in half the time, right?

Well, not quite.

Current customer needs in terms of user experience and data processing require more efficient technologies, not just the hardware, to make it happen.

Latest web development technologies will always be more efficient, easier to learn and more robust.

With the skills in these technologies you will be a top notch web developer being able to build high speed & efficient applications than your elder brother.

iv)  Just to be cool, right?

Hey, who doesn’t want to hang out with the cool boys?

What wants to be left out when everyone in the room is talking Motion UI and Artificial Intelligence?

Taking a couple Udemy courses on web development, will enable you learn the latest web development technologies which will equip you with something to talk about when you meet with peers at tech meetups and support groups.

This will boost your self-esteem as a professional web developer by giving you a sense of belonging… instead of feeling left out – in a dark lonely tunnel.


Now that you are in and can’t wait to get started getting your hands dirty learning the latest technologies…

My list is in no particular order and doesn’t cover every technology your boss told you about at the interview… just the ones I find interesting.

But wait, what are web development technologies really?

Are they just some cool programming language or just some jargon to scare you off?

Web development technologies are the technologies that are used to build websites to enable data exchange and communication between the web browser(client) and the server…

…and in this article I will mention the technologies that come in handy both for front end development(client side) and back end development(server side).

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